About VCAT Treatment Center

VCAT Treatment Center (VCATTRC) is a state-of-the-art brain and neuroscience-based treatment facility in Costa Mesa, California, that delivers quality, personalized treatment to those suffering from mental health and substance use disorders.

At VCAT Treatment Center, we’re committed to improving existing modalities in treating psychological disorders and addiction.

We use cutting-edge and medically integrated diagnostics, approaches, and outcome systems—such as our unique Visual Concentration Attention Therapy (VCAT)—to improve overall brain health while providing integrative emotional and psychological support. The goal is to increase the recovery rates of our clients.

VCAT Treatment Center is one of the few centers in the country providing comprehensive care for both mental health and substance use disorders (i.e., dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders). We provide detox, addiction treatment, and outpatient care in individual and group settings to address a number of addiction disorders and behavioral health diagnoses. We employ a compassionate team of highly-qualified, specialty-leading health professionals to provide our innovative treatments in an environment that promotes long-lasting healing.

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Whether you’re taking the first step to break free from addiction or you’ve gone through relapse, VCAT Treatment Center welcomes the opportunity to help you on your recovery journey. Our treatment programs give you the tools to return to a healthier, happier, and more successful life.


We’ve helped countless people move into a state of higher functioning where they’re able to live sober, productive lives—and you deserve the same!


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Healthy Brain Functioning as the Basis of Recovery

At VCAT Treatment Center, we believe that recovery from mental health/drug addiction starts with recovering the brain’s natural homeostasis. For this reason, our neuroscience-based model is fully integrated into everything we do.


Advances in brain imaging and research show that many mental health and substance use disorders are linked to cognitive and behavioral dysfunctions. Disturbances in neurons, neurotransmitters (chemical imbalance), and certain brain waves may impair your self-control and ability to cope with life’s routines and everyday demands.


For this reason, we employ a comprehensive multi-dimensional assessment, evaluation, and neurocognitive treatment plan to effectively treat addiction, psychological disorders, and co-occurring disorders.

As one of the leading centers for real-time brain mapping, our treatment plan starts with an objective psychological assessment to identify areas of dysregulation in your brain function due to addiction, traumatic brain injuries, or mental health disorders. This helps us create an individualized treatment plan using different neuroscience, behavioral, and holistic therapies to restore healthy brain functioning and give you the best shot at regaining meaning and peace in your life.


Visual Concentration Attention Therapy (VCAT) and VCAT NeuroStimulator Therapy are non-invasive, game-changing neuropathway treatment methodologies developed by our founder Dr. Nader Siahdohoni. The treatment modalities help increase brain plasticity, rejuvenate neural pathways, and restore the brain’s chemical imbalance caused by substance abuse, disease, or traumatic brain injuries. They are some of the most effective treatments for neural network dysfunction.


Our neuroscience-based treatments, in conjunction with behavioral therapies and alternative treatments, will greatly assist you in reaching your recovery goals.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy at VCAT Treatment Center is rooted in our brain-based approach to recovery. We understand that mental health disorders and substance use disorders are complex conditions that can have devasting, wide-reaching effects on our clients’ lives. We also know that successful recovery from addiction is difficult, and relapse is unfortunately far too common—especially under traditional diagnosis and treatment protocols.


In line with our motto of “Quality Care Starts with a Quality Program,” we work hard to create a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan to promote long-term recovery—leveraging the most advanced equipment/technology and powerful evidence-based treatment methodologies.


All our therapeutic services are organized and managed by a team of highly-experienced and skilled mental health and addiction specialists who are leaders in their fields. Under the supervision of Dr. Nader Siahdohoni, we put respect, dignity, and compassion at the forefront of all our treatment programs.

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About Dr. Nader Siahdohoni

Dr. Nader Siahdohoni, Ph.D., is the founder and owner of VCAT Treatment Center.


He is a clinical psychologist specializing in mental, behavioral health, and addiction treatment in Costa Mesa, CA.


As a leading voice in brain-based treatment, Dr. Nader has years of experience working in this field and is the creator of the innovative Visual Concentration Attention Therapy (VCAT). He is also a professional health/life coach.


John D.
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Dear Dr. Nader,

As I finally sit down to write this, I find I am at a loss for words. What do you say to another human being who gave your life back? …Who fixed you ?…Who believed in me ? Who reminded me daily that I was worth it ? I’ll attempt to put it into words.

When I came to you I was a shell of a human being, I was beyond broken , I truly thought I wasn’t fixable . There were so many years of so many doctors and it was always the same…more meds…different meds…different rehab centers. To be honest, I didn’t think you would be any different.

Not once did any of these “ addiction doctors “ look into the fact I had a traumatic brain injury. Not once did they think to even scan my brain and yet addiction is a brain based disease. It didn’t make sense.

It was Only when you showed me the Correlation between traumatic brain injury and substance-abuse disorder did it all come together and make sense to me.

You will always hold a very special spot in my heart and my families heart for healing me. I may not have always been the easiest patient, but by halfway through, I was 100% on board.

I started to feel better within the first two weeks ! After that it only got better. Please show everyone on your staff this letter especially Lars . That man got me through some of the toughest days.

Again Doctor, I just want to thank you for getting my life back on track. It’s coming up on one year soon and can’t wait to share that anniversary with you and the staff.
Paula M.
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Dear Dr. Nader,

I never do reviews and I usually don’t write thank you notes, but I needed to let you and your staff know that my life is forever changed. Having a Brain injury and depression is something I don’t wish on anyone. For years, I went all over the country trying to find a place that would address these issues without turning me into a zombie from medications. There are only a few facilities that do this type of treatment but I couldn’t afford them. You made this possible for me.

I really enjoyed the 8 weeks I spent with you and your staff. I never expected to get such Concierge service . The staff, the house, the food everything was top notch. Bottom line, I feel like I did back in college, alert, happy and full of hope for my future. My goal is to tell everyone I know that there is holistic help that works. This treatment is a miracle to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart as does my family.

Forever grateful.
Ralph W.
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Dear Dr. Nader and Staff,

When I arrived, I felt hopeless. After so many doctors, mental health centers and medications that didn’t work I figured this would be my life from now on. To be honest, I was Skeptical that the V cat center would be any different . It’s been 6 months since I came home and my life has never been better. Everyone can see the change in me. I no longer have confusion, I feel great and since I’m off my anti-depression meds I feel clear and happy. I also really appreciated the support I received even after I got home. I am not a great writer so I hope my words express my thanks to you and your amazing staff. I will keep in touch and update you and Lars on my progress.
Kim C.
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Dear Dr. Nader and staff.

Hello Dr Nader. I just wanted to let you know I got my 6th month sobriety chip today. Without the VCAT center I would not be where I am today. I know I was a bit of a handful when I got there, for that I apologize but the staff was so kind and supportive. Please show everyone this letter . I also texted Lars and Robyn to let them know I got my 6 month chip. My next email should be my one year chip.
Jeff D.
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Dr Nader and the VCAT staff, I wanted to reach out to you to tell you how good I am doing. It looks like I will be starting college This Summer. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything like this without you help. Please say hello to everyone and tell them I am starting back at school.

I will never forget my 3 months with you all and I’m so very grateful not be suffering anymore from addiction and depression. Without you, my life would be the dumpster fire it was for many years .
Jeff D.
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Dr Nadar and the VCAT staff, I wanted to reach out to you to tell you how good I am doing. It looks like I will be starting college This Summer. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything like this without you help. Please say hello to everyone and tell them I am starting back at school.

I will never forget my 3 months with you all and I’m so very grateful not be suffering anymore from addiction and depression. Without you, my life would be the dumpster fire it was for many years .
Lance P.
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Dear Dr. Nader and staff.

I am writing this to let you know how much you have changed my life. Upon arrival I was a mess of a human being . Suffering from Traumatic brain injury , addiction, depression and anxiety I was so afraid I wouldn’t get better.

I can’t thank you all enough for helping me. Changing my brain changed my entire life. I no longer desire to use drugs or alcohol, I am working a full time job, and my relationship with my girl has never been better. I still speak with Lars weekley as he checks in with me and that’s been an unexpected pleasure. Again, thanks for all you have done.

Our Mission

Our goal at VCAT Treatment Center is to help everyone who walks through our doors achieve higher functioning and connect to a newfound sense of healing. We give you the tools, knowledge, and skills to facilitate long-lasting recovery and improved quality of life.


To achieve this, we do not take the traditional road to recovery. Treatment starts at your body’s control center (i.e., the brain). And with a healthy functioning brain, you are able to tap into your innate healing ability; you’re able to rebuild your life through a foundation of overall well-being and health. Our approach gives people a renewed sense of hope for the future in situations that may have appeared hopeless.


We are fully committed to the goal of providing a comfortable, safe, and cutting-edge treatment experience. For this reason, the team at VCAT Treatment Center is willing to go the extra mile to help each client achieve their recovery goals and progress towards a new life—free from the shackles of mental health and substance use disorders.

Ready to Make a Change?

Living with mental health and substance use disorders can be hard. And understanding or committing to the treatment process can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to.


If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or psychological disorders, our treatment center in Costa Mesa, CA., is dedicated to working with you and supporting you with the necessary tools to overcome your challenges and start living a better life.

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Call VCAT Treatment Center today at (714) 714-0532 to find out more about our brain mapping and neuroscience-based treatment options. Treatment can begin discretely and quickly.