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Treatment Philosophy

Welcome to VCAT Treatment Center (VCATTRC), one of the leading brain mapping and neurotherapy centers for mental health and drug addiction treatment in California.

We believe healthy brain functioning is key to recovery from mental health and substance abuse disorders. We can help you avoid self-sabotaging behaviors and improve cognitive abilities for a healthier life by rejuvenating the brain’s neural networks and restoring chemical balance.

It’s our mission to kickstart your recovery journey on the right foot by creating a conducive environment using our unique and effective “neuro-brain based” mental health and addiction treatment methodologies such as VCAT (Visual Concentration Attention Therapy).

VCAT is a powerful, sophisticated, and non-invasive therapeutic neurocognitive brain stimulation methodology developed by Dr. Nader Siahdohoni to optimize brain wave patterns and functioning during recovery.

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Paula Martin
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Dear Dr. Nader,

I never do reviews and I usually don’t write thank you notes, but I needed to let you and your staff know that my life is forever changed. Having a Brain injury and depression is something I don’t wish on anyone. For years, I went all over the country trying to find a place that would address these issues without turning me into a zombie from medications. There are only a few facilities that do this type of treatment but I couldn’t afford them. You made this possible for me. I really enjoyed the 8 weeks I spent with you and your staff. I never expected to get such Concierge service . The staff, the house, the food everything was top notch. Bottom line, I feel like I did back in college, alert, happy and full of hope for my future. My goal is to tell everyone I know that there is holistic help that works. This treatment is a miracle to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart as does my family.

Forever grateful
Ralph Warner
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Dear Dr. Nader and Staff,

When I arrived, I felt hopeless. After so many doctors, mental health centers and medications that didn’t work I figured this would be my life from now on. To be honest, I was Skeptical that the V cat center would be any different . It’s been 6 months since I came home and my life has never been better. Everyone can see the change in me. I no longer have confusion, I feel great and since I’m off my anti-depression meds I feel clear and happy. I also really appreciated the support I received even after I got home. I am not a great writer so I hope my words express my thanks to you and your amazing staff. I will keep in touch and update you and Lars on my progress.

Recovery from Addiction & Mental Health Disorders Starts with Improving Brain Functioning

Why VCAT Treatment Center?

With the help of a world-class team of healthcare providers, our Costa Mesa, CA center uses state-of-the-art technology for real-time brain mapping, psychological assessment, evaluation, and treatment of psychological disorders and drug addiction.

There’s a common misconception that drug or substance addiction is a moral failing, a bad choice that can be solved by an act of will. As such, some traditional treatment centers may focus on addressing your physical symptoms, assuming that you will ‘pull yourself together’ and overcome the addiction.

At VTAC Treatment Center, we believe that both mental health disorders and addiction are ‘disorders’ of the brain.

Advances in brain imaging and neurology research show that prolonged substance use can alter the brain’s chemistry, circuits, and signaling—creating long-lasting changes associated with dependency.

Individuals struggling with drug addiction experience dysregulated brain activity that impairs their judgment, decision-making, and self-control.

The neural network dysfunction and brain’s chemical imbalance from drug use is part of why it is so hard to kick addiction—with so many people falling into relapse under the traditional treatment approach.

VCAT Treatment Center is committed to the long-term recovery of our clients. We follow an objective, holistic, evidence-based addiction treatment approach that focuses on restoring the brain’s natural homeostasis. This is based on the concept of neuroplasticity, which shows the brain is malleable and has the capacity to grow and remodel based on the stimulation it is facing.

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Our Commitment

We use treatments like VCAT (Visual Concentration Attention Therapy) to visually stimulate the brain, brain waves, and related neural network helping the brain to create new pathways and correcting the neural disarrays so that it can go back to functioning normal.

With the help of our evidence-based therapeutic interventions, our medical professionals, and your commitment, we can enhance your brain functioning and create a conducive environment for successful recovery.

The brain-based mental health, substance use disorders (SUDS) recovery approach we employed at VCAT Treatment Center gives you the tools to overcome neural illnesses or problem behavior and empowers you to be the best version of yourself.

A Healthy YOU starts with a Healthy, Strong Mind!